Logothetis Organic Farm Shop


Artisan Farm Produce from a unique ''terroir''.

To all of you who have been holidaying on our farm and have tasted and enjoyed our organic olive oil and artisan farm produce.
To your friends and family.
To those of you who tasted and bought our organic olive oil directly from our farm
To anyone seeking quality artisan farm produce.

We now offer to bring your favourite produce directly from our farm to your kitchen !!

The goal of Logothetis Organic Farm is to provide easy and convenient access to everyone seeking authentic, premium quality, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil directly from its source, for their cuisine and families.
We are not merchants, we are producers and all our products are made with love,personal care and supervision, guarantying genuine farm produce of untainted quality !!
We aim to be your Olive Oil Farm Shop of choice, to make you familiar with the benefits of using organic extra virgin olive oil in your diet and to build a sincere and reliable relationship with each one of you.

People consider themselves rich when they have alot of money.
here At Logothetis Organic Farm we measure wealth by the quality of food placed on our table. We are a family living on our farm and wish to share with you the food we place on our table!!


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