Lithies Villas


Inside the organic farm, located at the beautiful village of Vassilikos, in between olive groves, vineyards, and having as a background the deep blue of the Ionian Sea, you can enjoy Lithies Houses which are traditional cottages and villas. During your stay you can also take part in different agricultural activities.

Vassilikos is an unspoilt place, perfect for families and couples, which boasts some of the best beaches on Zakynthos island.

Within the organic farm, next to Vassilikos' pine forest, Giannoulis family also runs the Taverna Lithies.

All dishes are prepared in the traditional way with pure ingredients, mainly organic products cultivated in the family farm. The excellent organic wine, red or white, is from the farm's vineyards. You can also taste our olive oil, tsipouro and our local cheese.

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